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Chicago Hounds & Foxes Track Club Rules

  • Practice needs to start on time.  This is a very organized practice and it is very important to you and the coaching staff if we stay on task together.  It starts with everyone being prompt.

  • Grades are very important and will determine whether you participate or not.

  • Always be positive in your language either in the bleachers, on the track or after meets and during practice.  This includes NO TRASH TALKING, TAUNTING, OR SHOWBOATING IN ANYWAY.  LET YOUR ACTIONS DO THE TALKING AND ACT AS IF YOU BEEN THERE BEFORE.

  • Set up a time if you have a question or concern about something.  We will not discuss anything during a track meet or right after the meet.  We are always willing to talk about concerns privately.  We will ONLY discuss with you and your parents your strengths and ways to improve. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DISCUSSION ABOUT DIFFERENT EVENTS YOU SHOULD BE IN AND COACHING STRATEGIES.

  • Please respect our coaching abilities.  Before and during a meet, the only people you should be talking to are your teammates and your coaches. 

  • Please stay positive.  Effort is more important than winning.  Winning will come with good effort.

  • Communication is very important to us.  Support is also very important.  There will be times when you do not agree, but you need to accept and support the decisions of the coaches.

  • We will win as a team and lose as a team.  We will always do it with class, on and off the track.  This means treating other competitors with respect (NO EXPECTATIONS)

  • It is very important to have good nutritional habits.

  • We do everything as a team. There is no I or me.  It is always We!!!!

  • Have Fun!!!!



If you are late or you do not have a note from a teacher or a parent, you will run a lap for every minute you are late, or take an unexcused absence.

The coaching staff will determine the practice schedules.  An excused absence from practice is when you notice one of the coaches 24 hours before practice.  Unexcused practices will result in the following consequences:

1st Offense- Will not run in the next upcoming meet.
2nd Offense-Will not run in the next two upcoming meets.
3rd Offense-Off   the team

3. We as coaches want you to be successful both in the classroom and on the track.  Your school work will come first.  If you need extra help from your teachers, either come before school or set-up a time with them.  Remember to communicate with the coaches.

Everybody is different and each of you has different skill levels.  We want to see you do the best you can to achieve your personal goals as well as your team goals throughout the season.

This includes your fellow teammates, coaches, students, peers, teachers, family, etc.  Treat people the way you want to be treated and you cannot go wrong.  Encourage your teammates in whatever you do.


  1. Practice-running shoes, socks, shorts, winter hats, and gloves (when it is cold) (THAT’S IT NO HEADBANDS, WRISTBANDS, SKULL CAPS, OR PLAYING WITH YOUR CELL PHONE ETC.)

  2. Meets-Running shoes socks, uniform, and Hounds & Foxes apparel. AGAIN, NO HEADBANDS, WRISTBANDS, SKULL CAPS, OR PLAYING WITH YOURCELL PHONES, ETC. We are a classy team and we need to display that at all times.


We are a classy team and we WILL respect others.  If we do not treat others like the way you want to be treated, there will be consequences.  These consequences include anything to misconduct in practice or at meets.


1ST Offense-Will write an apology to the coaches and team.

2nd Offense-Will miss the next meet

3rd  Offense-Suspended from the team for 2 weeks.